Centralia 2050

VOL 1: Midori wakes up lost amidst the bustling, high-tech metropolis of Centralia. Without memories, her only connection to this place is a psychic connection to a missing child. With the help of Grey, her newfound (and reluctant) accomplice, Midori sets off in search of this missing girl– but she quickly discovers that Centralia has a troubled history. A catastrophic blackout coincided with the disappearance of hundreds, followed by a swift takeover by the mysterious Lumico electrical company. Today, most people go about their lives with the unspoken understanding that safety lies in not asking questions. 
What’s more, there’s something unusual about Midori and Grey that’s put a target on their backs…

VOL 2: With their investigative leads running dry, Midori and Grey agree to join forces with Switch—a resistance group or terrorist organization, depending on who you ask. Their leader, Forrest, is especially interested in how Midori’s unusual electrifying abilities can help Switch take down the powerful Lumico corporation. For her part, Midori is willing to embark on dangerous missions if it means finding Weiss. But her single-minded determination has Grey feeling uneasy, and he has suspicions about Forrest’s true intentions. Can their burgeoning friendship
survive this relentless search for answers?

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