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Posted in Sarah Maloney

Cosmic Fern

A psychedelic romp on a botanical moon

Posted in Iris Jay

Crossed Wires

A misfit gang of queer hackers uncover a decades-old corporate conspiracy.

Posted in Sarah Maloney

The World Ends With A Poot!

Sarah Maloney’s The World Ends With a Poot! is a queer apocalyptic sci-fi parable with a splash of science and a few fart jokes!

Posted in cjmdraws

Tezra: Short Stories

A no-nonsense, butt-kickin’ bounty hunter takes names (and money) seemingly with ease, until she has to deal with the demanding, mischievous and wandering-prone “sidekick”, Honeybunz, in this short story collection.

Posted in Liana Kangas


A strip mall heist, a satanic cult, and another lousy shift at a minimum wage job—grab a #2 with fries and settle in for a hilarious thrill ride!

Posted in Angela De Vito

Heartless Prince

A fierce warrior must save the heart of her beloved prince before it’s too late.

Posted in Jessica Peng


A 54-page limited-palette sci-fi comic about a woman and the AI she is trying to kill.

Posted in jeaniebeanmarie

Stretch Marks : A Psychologic Autobiography

A personal comic that reflects on the times that people STRETCHed my self-esteem with their reMARKS about my body.

Posted in Ezra David Mattes

Primavera or How I Broke Up with My Mother

Nightmares about childhood and daydreams about Tony Soprano merge in this memoir comic by Ezra David Mattes.

Posted in Kruttika Susarla

A Village Called Makkoi

After a firestorm threatens the life and livelihood of Makkoi, some of its inhabitants encounter ‘the sickness’. Despite their differences, they must work together to repair and rebuild their home.

Posted in Kruttika Susarla

Made in Heaven

A 28-page comic set in a universe in which dogs, crows, and leeches get sucked into the gig economy post an economic crisis.

Posted in Joseph Luster

Big Dumb Fighting Idiots

Big Dumb Fighting Idiots follows the rowdy antics of Wizz and Trunk, a pair of
colorful bruisers battling their way through a pastel urban landscape of ninja toadmen, skateboarding rats, and each other!

Posted in cial


An ink & paint long-form scifi comic about what happens to people when they’re stripped of their humanity.

Posted in Delphina


A paladin, a magic scavenger, and a curious inventor hop between surreal worlds on fantastic adventures amidst growing tension between a religious warrior society and practitioners of forbidden magic.

Posted in Volt

The Alchemists Collective

An alchemist from a bustling port town and an enchanter from a far off land struggle to keep skeletons in the closet; and their stories straight.



Five pals get together in Long Island City in the summer of 2018 for a series of really funny parties.

Posted in Mar Julia


Sol runs into her friend-slash-situationship at a party and navigates through their awkward, but blossoming, romance.

Posted in Evan Dahm

3rd Voice

A post-apocalyptic fantasy-adventure graphic novel about scavengers getting involved with enormous political and magical forces.

Posted in Rudy Mora

Weekend With Yuka

Yuka is forced to take a vacation with her girlfriend Ren in an attempt to keep her from burning out from her job and falling apart.

Posted in riotbones

The AO-33 Nebula

A team of scientists and the nebula they discovered.