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Posted in Michelle

Centralia 2050

A girl named Midori wakes up lost admist the hi-tech metropolis of Centralia; without memories, her only connection to this place is a psychic link to a missing child…

Posted in James L. Sarandis

Eye Hand Voice

The Peril Patrol protects its citizens from threats beyond imagination. The Peril Patrol, comprised of Eye!—a floating flaming eye, Hand!—a smoldering disembodied hand with an attidude, and Voice! —an ex-cop in an invisible suit.
Learn! the secrets of Sparta City—lost in time and space. See! the eldritch horrors gathering strength. Fear! A world where the only ones to protect you from the monsters are the monsters you know. The Peril Patrol!!

Posted in Mateus Boga

The Dark Peak Incident

A poorly-prepared group of hikers sets out to be the first to ascend a mysterious and dangerous mountain.

Posted in CJ Standal

Rebirth of the Gangster: The Complete Collection

Marcus Thompson and Hunter Anderson have always been in the dark when it comes to their parents’ past, but now they have to face the cold, hard truth as a revenge scheme targets them, their friends, and their families.

Posted in Emiliano


A deep dive into the birth (and death) of the modern UFO mythology which began in the Salish Sea, seen through a kaleidoscope of colonial ecology and guerilla warfare.

Posted in Kel McDonald

The City Between

In the futuristic city of New Mahtlaw, technology has made the supernatural hard to hide. The world knows werewolves are real but their rarity makes them an oddity not a threat. However, more lies out there trying to stay in the shadows.

Posted in Cori Walters


A swampy, sapphic Nu Metal horror comic about a twenty-something haunted by the ghost of her toxic teenage Girl Best Friend.

Posted in Joe Bortner

The Rockford High Mystery Society

A myopic grade-A student and a teen detective team up to solve mysteries in Salem, Massachusetts.

Posted in Keith James

Scam the Gods

Scam the Gods is a surreal fantasy webcomic about lies, magic, and fish.

Posted in CJ Standal

Rebirth of the Gangster

Marcus Thompson and Hunter Anderson don’t know the dark secrets of their families, but they’re about to find out as they become embroiled in a revenge scheme stemming from their parents’ past actions, including decades-old unsolved murders.

Posted in Pigeon


This surreal modern folk tale, inspired by Slavic mythology, tells the story of a water demon Rusalka and her journey of self-discovery.

Posted in Iris Jay

Crossed Wires

A misfit gang of queer hackers uncover a decades-old corporate conspiracy.

Posted in Liana Kangas


A strip mall heist, a satanic cult, and another lousy shift at a minimum wage job—grab a #2 with fries and settle in for a hilarious thrill ride!

Posted in Volt

The Alchemists Collective

An alchemist from a bustling port town and an enchanter from a far off land struggle to keep skeletons in the closet; and their stories straight.

Posted in Pa-Luis


Bibi is a story about a kid who’s kinda lost in life, about decisions people choose for us at an early age and the ignorance of being too young. It tells the story of how bonds can change the way you see your own life, focused on moving on.

Posted in Aaron Losty JP Jordan


Ploughman is an Irish Fantasy Noir Comic. 46 pages following the tale of an outlander who has mysteriously crash landed in the Irish countryside.

Agent 5 only has four days left to signal his homeland of Hy-Brasil for rescue, if he can’t he’ll be trapped in Ireland forever.

With the help of Fae Folk and a band of locals, Agent 5 desperately tries to find the emergency signaller he lost in the crash. But not everyone he asks for help is his friend and not everyone he deems an enemy is against him.

Will he be able to signal home?

Find out in the pages of…

Written by Aaron Losty & JP Jordan

Art by Aaron Losty

Colours by JP Jordan

Letters by Becca Carey