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Posted in J. Scott

Please Please Forget Me

Three juvenile delinquents are embroiled in an underground crime ring on opposite sides of a conflict, each recalling memories from their past as fiercely loyal childhood friends.

Posted in Jey Pawlik

Dead City

A completed webcomic turned graphic novel about two queer men surviving a post-apocalyptic Toronto and falling in love.

Posted in joe ruin / saint vagrant


198X— In seaside Port City, three desperate and struggling young trans adults stake their careers and lives on a physics-breaking machine, altering their future forever.

Posted in Jey Pawlik

Gender Slices

A webcomic turned graphic novel of one page autobio comics of my life living as a nonbinary trans person.

Posted in Charles Brubaker

Lauren Ipsum

A librarian rabbit getting into nerdy hijinx.

Posted in Keith James

Scam the Gods

Scam the Gods is a surreal fantasy webcomic about lies, magic, and fish.

Posted in Ashley McCammon


A grieving young woman finds comfort in a new relationship with a mysterious, eccentric shopkeeper – who keeps a dark, vampiric secret of her own.

Posted in Maiji/Mary Huang

Tusita’s Last Tenant

A small child meets a familiar stranger in one of the heavenly Buddhist realms.

Posted in Toby Boyd

Clover & Cutlass

A burnt-out cleric forms an unlikely alliance (and maybe more…!) with the daughter of the evil wizard she’s trying to defeat.

Posted in Kaeti Vandorn

Call of the Sentinel

Two little monsters go on everyday adventures

Posted in Elaine M. Will

Look Straight Ahead

The story of a teenage boy’s struggle with depression and psychosis, loosely drawn from the author’s own experiences.

Posted in Amanda J Ellis

Taylor and Friends

Taylor and Friends is a slice of life series of comic strips and short stories that center around Taylor Sitwell, a non-binary, young adult.

Posted in Zach Hazard Vaupen

Pixel Dog’s Purgatory In Hell

Pixel Dog and his companion Kevin shoot the shit, rant, and sometimes go on adventures.

Posted in Iris Jay

Crossed Wires

A misfit gang of queer hackers uncover a decades-old corporate conspiracy.

Posted in Angela De Vito

Lucy’s Endless Night

A newly married fledgling vampire and vampire hunter must work together to figure out how to overturn the Endless Night that has fallen over their city.

Posted in cial


An ink & paint long-form scifi comic about what happens to people when they’re stripped of their humanity.

Posted in Volt

The Alchemists Collective

An alchemist from a bustling port town and an enchanter from a far off land struggle to keep skeletons in the closet; and their stories straight.

Posted in Delphina


A paladin, a magic scavenger, and a curious inventor hop between surreal worlds on fantastic adventures amidst growing tension between a religious warrior society and practitioners of forbidden magic.

Posted in Evan Dahm

3rd Voice

A post-apocalyptic fantasy-adventure graphic novel about scavengers getting involved with enormous political and magical forces.

Posted in Evan Dahm

Rice Boy

A surreal fantasy-adventure story set in a colorful world of strange creatures