Art by Kaeti Vandorn

What is the Cartoonist Cooperative?

What are the Cartoonist Cooperative’s goals?

Is the Cartoonist Cooperative a union?

Who are the founding members?

How many members does the cooperative have?

What are the benefits of the co-op?

What work will be promoted?

Is it a storefront?

Is it a publisher?

Is the catalogue only for webcomics?

Are erotic comics allowed in the catalogue? Are adult artists able to join?

How do members and volunteers contribute?

How do you decide whether to promote a cartoonist and their comic or include it on the co-op site?

Do individual cartoonists have complete control over their own comics, or is that part of the cooperative process?

How would the campaign process work?

Who designed your mascots?

How will it be supported?

What are the donations used for?

What are grounds for member removal?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at hello@cartoonist.coop.