There are many benefits to joining the Cartoonist Cooperative but each member has their own story about what they’ve gained from working with our member-driven organization. Read what our Cartoonist Cooperative members say about their membership:

The Cartoonist Cooperative ran their first campaign with my abstract comic book Trigger Shot. As an artist used to working and promoting my work alone, having a team of like minded people onboard was exciting. It was great to share a sense of purpose as well as other people’s knowledge and resources. Thank you.

Tal Brosh

As a cartoonist who whose work is mainly creator-owned, finding the energy to promote my work solo after spending years making it is always a daunting prospect. Thanks to the Cartoonist Cooperative’s campaign, the launch of my graphic novel Prism Stalker: The Weeping Star was a resounding success, a success I could not have achieved alone. Receiving such an outpouring of support from my fellow members has allowed me to focus on my creative practice and on helping other members in turn. I continue to be gratefully encouraged by the Co-op’s welcoming and proactive community and encourage any cartoonists or comic workers to join!

Thinking of how I would promote and sell my first mass-produced comic, Paper Medicine #1, was a daunting task. Thankfully, I had the dedicated and joyous community of the Cartoonist Cooperative by my side to help me get this book into readers‘ hands. I can never say thank you enough to those who took the time out of their days just to make my comic more accessible to people around the world, and I can’t wait to do the same for their comics in the future.

It was an honor and a relief to feel the full support of the Cartoonist Co-op behind me when I released the first part of A Terrified Child Played by Jeremy Strong as a solo issue. Even as disabling chronic illness prevented me from being a part of the final month of my campaign, wonderful people were talking to comic book shops and review outlets on my behalf, giving their time and energy to make sure my project was a success. A better world for cartoonists is possible, and I’m thrilled to have a small place in it. 

Ezra David Mattes

I’m someone relatively new to the comics world, so I wasn’t sure what to expect when publishing my first book, COOK LIKE YOUR ANCESTORS. The Co-op’s offer to take it on as a campaign was already kind, but the level of enthusiasm, care, and hard work on my behalf from this community was something to behold. I owe much of the far-reaching success of my book to the Co-op, and am eager to pay it forward. It’s easy to be cynical as a worker in the arts, but far harder when you are amongst peers working to better the industry for all.

Mariah-Rose Marie