HΩME, Book 1: Patrick inherits Arc29 after the sudden death of his mentor and friend, Orlando Sharp and finds himself struggling with the new weight on his shoulders. DEMETER introduces the difficult quest placed before Emmanuel Thoreau, Captain of Arc56: establish a colony on a harsh new planet.

Book 2: In ARC29, we go back to Patrick’s youth on Demeter, where the events leading to his departure aboard Arc29 are made clear. In DEMETER, Captain Thoreau is waking from a long trip in stasis, where he was plagued by nightmares.

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Book 3: ARC29: Patrick finally decides to read the journal left behind by Orlando and discovers things he never suspected of his old friend and mentor. DEMETER: Captain Thoreau’s increasingly erratic behavior leads him to make odd decisions. Concerned, Cyril is bound to obey even the strangest of the Captain’s demands.

“In the pages of Home, brothers Marc and Daniel Michaud are slowly but surely building a mysterious shared universe that draws on the best traditions of golden-age science fiction, with parallel yet interconnected narratives that are deeply idiosyncratic in the best way possible. Built on a chassis of big ideas and raw human emotions, and rendered in stylish, retro-hip black & white visuals, these comics are pure old-school sci-fi goodness with an unmistakable indie sensibility.”
—François Vigneault, TITAN

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