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Posted in Emiliano


A deep dive into the birth (and death) of the modern UFO mythology which began in the Salish Sea, seen through a kaleidoscope of colonial ecology and guerilla warfare.

Posted in Tomi Trembath

When We Transform

A Tokusatsu inspired comic book about personal transformation.

Posted in Kel McDonald

The City Between

In the futuristic city of New Mahtlaw, technology has made the supernatural hard to hide. The world knows werewolves are real but their rarity makes them an oddity not a threat. However, more lies out there trying to stay in the shadows.

Posted in Max Mallory

Gravitational Pull

A young man tries to escape the space station he’s lived on all his life, but soon realizes that an intangible force is tying him to it, and the station’s secrets.

Posted in Kimberly Wang

Of Thunder and Lightning

A sci-fi enemies-to-??? comic about two magical girl super soldiers fated to battle for [ERROR] humanity’s sake.

Posted in Quinn C Amacher


As the waters keep rising, a dysfunctional community struggles to survive the growth of a telepathic, people-eating fungus.

Posted in Jeff Martin Lukasz Kowalczuk


Mutant communities battle for resources in post-apocalypse Canada, using hockey as ritual warfare.

Posted in Mar Julia Pa-Luis Sunmi

Datura Magazine Issue 1

Datura Magazine is a queer josei-inspired anthology series featuring a range of speculative and realist stories for an adult audience that, like the poisonous datura flower, might have an edge to them.

Posted in joe ruin / saint vagrant


198X— In seaside Port City, three desperate and struggling young trans adults stake their careers and lives on a physics-breaking machine, altering their future forever.

Posted in Ben Becker

Paper Medicine: Issue 1

Two goldfish pilot an automaton to free their comrades from the fish tank in an optometrist’s office.

Posted in Iris Jay

Crossed Wires

A misfit gang of queer hackers uncover a decades-old corporate conspiracy.

Posted in Sarah Maloney

Cosmic Fern

A psychedelic romp on a botanical moon

Posted in Sarah Maloney

The World Ends With A Poot!

Sarah Maloney’s The World Ends With a Poot! is a queer apocalyptic sci-fi parable with a splash of science and a few fart jokes!

Posted in Jessica Peng


A 54-page limited-palette sci-fi comic about a woman and the AI she is trying to kill.

Posted in cial


An ink & paint long-form scifi comic about what happens to people when they’re stripped of their humanity.

Posted in Evan Dahm

3rd Voice

A post-apocalyptic fantasy-adventure graphic novel about scavengers getting involved with enormous political and magical forces.

Posted in riotbones

The AO-33 Nebula

A team of scientists and the nebula they discovered.

Posted in CW Foxfaer

Coelary: Blood & Beholden

Coelary: Blood and Beholden welcomes you into the bug city of Coelary, and introduces you to the queer bugs who live and learn there.

Posted in Jamila Rowser

Wobbledy 3000

Wobbledy 3000 is a sci-fi twerking tale by Jamila Rowser and Sabii Borno.

Posted in Adam Szym


A group of astronauts explore a strange world, but something explores them in kind.