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Posted in MaxFosterStudio


Arnold Kai, a man with a shady past as a scam artist, has to relive the events, harsh relationships, and the consequences that led to his death with the help of an existential guide through Wait Space, all while being followed by an alternate version of himself.

Posted in Mariah-Rose Marie

A camgirl summons a demon for a special night’s stream, but things quickly get out of hand…

Posted in Joe Bortner

The Rockford High Mystery Society

A myopic grade-A student and a teen detective team up to solve mysteries in Salem, Massachusetts.

Posted in Quinn C Amacher


As the waters keep rising, a dysfunctional community struggles to survive the growth of a telepathic, people-eating fungus.

Posted in Sunmi

I Prefer The Pierrot That Knows Sadness

“I Prefer The Pierrot That Knows Sadness” is a multimedia comic exploring the clownery of love under capitalism, and the clownery of actual clowns in love.

Posted in Jey Pawlik

Gender Slices

A webcomic turned graphic novel of one page autobio comics of my life living as a nonbinary trans person.

Posted in Ben Becker

Paper Medicine: Issue 1

Two goldfish pilot an automaton to free their comrades from the fish tank in an optometrist’s office.

Posted in Charles Brubaker

Lauren Ipsum

A librarian rabbit getting into nerdy hijinx.

Posted in Jodie Troutman

The Gospel of Carol

The untold story of Carol, the daughter of God.

Posted in Toby Boyd

Clover & Cutlass

A burnt-out cleric forms an unlikely alliance (and maybe more…!) with the daughter of the evil wizard she’s trying to defeat.

Posted in Kaeti Vandorn

Crabapple Trouble

An apple girl struggles with confidence and anxiety

Posted in Zach Hazard Vaupen

Pixel Dog’s Purgatory In Hell

Pixel Dog and his companion Kevin shoot the shit, rant, and sometimes go on adventures.

Posted in Iris Jay

Crossed Wires

A misfit gang of queer hackers uncover a decades-old corporate conspiracy.

Posted in Liana Kangas


A strip mall heist, a satanic cult, and another lousy shift at a minimum wage job—grab a #2 with fries and settle in for a hilarious thrill ride!

Posted in Ezra David Mattes

Primavera or How I Broke Up with My Mother

Nightmares about childhood and daydreams about Tony Soprano merge in this memoir comic by Ezra David Mattes.

Posted in Kruttika Susarla

Made in Heaven

A 28-page comic set in a universe in which dogs, crows, and leeches get sucked into the gig economy post an economic crisis.

Posted in Joseph Luster

Big Dumb Fighting Idiots

Big Dumb Fighting Idiots follows the rowdy antics of Wizz and Trunk, a pair of
colorful bruisers battling their way through a pastel urban landscape of ninja toadmen, skateboarding rats, and each other!

Posted in Delphina


A paladin, a magic scavenger, and a curious inventor hop between surreal worlds on fantastic adventures amidst growing tension between a religious warrior society and practitioners of forbidden magic.

Posted in Rudy Mora

Weekend With Yuka

Yuka is forced to take a vacation with her girlfriend Ren in an attempt to keep her from burning out from her job and falling apart.

Posted in Rudy Mora

The Red Muscle

A gym addict girl and a tech inventor make a super suit based on their shared love of anime and get on the bad side of a fish woman business mogul.