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Posted in MaxFosterStudio


Arnold Kai, a man with a shady past as a scam artist, has to relive the events, harsh relationships, and the consequences that led to his death with the help of an existential guide through Wait Space, all while being followed by an alternate version of himself.

Posted in CJ Standal

Rebirth of the Gangster: The Complete Collection

Marcus Thompson and Hunter Anderson have always been in the dark when it comes to their parents’ past, but now they have to face the cold, hard truth as a revenge scheme targets them, their friends, and their families.

Posted in Tomi Trembath

When We Transform

A Tokusatsu inspired comic book about personal transformation.

Posted in Atla Hrafney

Gzhel Guardian

Leo navigates the otherworldly Railway System, full of magic, mechanical monsters and burnt-out heroes trying their best.

Posted in Lukasz Kowalczuk

To Hell and Galgenbeck

Go To Hell and Galgenbeck is the official comic book based on MÖRK BORG – “a pitch-black apocalyptic fantasy RPG about lost souls and fools seeking redemption, forgiveness or the last remaining riches in a bleak and dying world.”

Posted in Kimberly Wang

Of Thunder and Lightning

A sci-fi enemies-to-??? comic about two magical girl super soldiers fated to battle for [ERROR] humanity’s sake.

Posted in Quinn C Amacher


As the waters keep rising, a dysfunctional community struggles to survive the growth of a telepathic, people-eating fungus.

Posted in Jeff Martin Lukasz Kowalczuk


Mutant communities battle for resources in post-apocalypse Canada, using hockey as ritual warfare.

Posted in house of xyz

Les Grimaciers

Commedia dell’arte inspired vigilantes fight against Camorra and dirty politics in a early 90s Naples.

Posted in CJ Standal

Rebirth of the Gangster

Marcus Thompson and Hunter Anderson don’t know the dark secrets of their families, but they’re about to find out as they become embroiled in a revenge scheme stemming from their parents’ past actions, including decades-old unsolved murders.

Posted in Brendan Albetski

Maru Kiru Destroy the Moon

Hell-bent on revenge, a ferocious barbarian warrior smashes her way through a sea of foes on her way to blow up the moon.

Posted in Iris Jay

Crossed Wires

A misfit gang of queer hackers uncover a decades-old corporate conspiracy.

Posted in cjmdraws

Tezra: Short Stories

A no-nonsense, butt-kickin’ bounty hunter takes names (and money) seemingly with ease, until she has to deal with the demanding, mischievous and wandering-prone “sidekick”, Honeybunz, in this short story collection.

Posted in Joseph Luster

Big Dumb Fighting Idiots

Big Dumb Fighting Idiots follows the rowdy antics of Wizz and Trunk, a pair of
colorful bruisers battling their way through a pastel urban landscape of ninja toadmen, skateboarding rats, and each other!

Posted in Delphina


A paladin, a magic scavenger, and a curious inventor hop between surreal worlds on fantastic adventures amidst growing tension between a religious warrior society and practitioners of forbidden magic.

Posted in Arka WR

The Firewalker

Enter the world of Demetrius and join Aidan on his journey of self discovery.

Posted in Rudy Mora

The Red Muscle

A gym addict girl and a tech inventor make a super suit based on their shared love of anime and get on the bad side of a fish woman business mogul.

Posted in Adam Szym


A group of astronauts explore a strange world, but something explores them in kind.

Posted in Sloane Leong

Prism Stalker

Vep, a young woman stranded on a refugee colony with the rest of her tribe, joins a military academy to settle a new psychic planet in hopes of finding a new home for her family.