In post-apocalyptic Canada, guns don’t kill people – slapshots do. For the mutated tribes trying to survive nuclear winter – which is like normal Canadian winter, just more radioactive – hockey serves as a form of ritual warfare in which communities gamble their resources on the abilities of their squad to score goals and bust heads on the ice.
Volumes (newest first):
SLASHERS – Stretch, the Edmonton Atomics’ goalie, is living his best life – everything is hockey! He’s living his dream, but where did his enthusiasm for it go? When did it start to feel so ordinary? Stretch doesn’t have long to ponder these questions, because if he can’t focus on stopping pucks, the people of Edmonton are going to be the next victims of the Cold Lake SLASHERS! 
Hockeypocalypse: Slashers is a standalone horror graphic novel set in the Hockeypocalypse setting created by Jeff Martin, with collaboration from Lukasz Kowalczuk.
CULT OF HOCKEY – When the Edmonton Atomics don’t get the supplies they need from a road trip through southern Alberta, Skully has an idea that will take the team west across the Rocky Mountains – but it might end up being a one way trip, if the Okanagan Ogopogo have their way. Back in Edmonton, Lizzy and the Atomics’ second line find themselves under seige from rivals aware of the first line’s absence.
OH, DEER! – When a starving Red Deer squad rolls into town desperate for a win (and dinner), the Atomics use the opportunity to test out their post-apocalyptic power grid – an enormous potato – as well as their second line. What could possibly go wrong? Well, the Red Deer could steal the megapotato, for one, prompting a revenge trip down Highway 2 for the Atomics. It all boils down to one game, winner take all… of the megapotato.
LINE CHANGE – With team captain Skully injured, manager Lizzy must step into his skates and lead the Edmonton Atomics – Squid, Stretch, and Ugly Dave – against a new threat from the north: Boss Hog and his Rig Pigs. In her first game since the end of the world, Lizzy must line up across from an abrasive, refrigerator-sized pig-man… so that should go smoothly.
THE BATTLE OF ALBERTA – Join the Edmonton Atomics – Skully, Squid, Stretch, and Ugly Dave – as bad decisions and a bad game force them to take the treacherous trip down HIghway 2, where they’ll battle brutish reindeer, mangle some mutants, and attempt to solve the riddle of a four-armed goalie.

“When the end comes (and it will), the mutants playing the frozen game (and there will be) will treat Hockeypocalypse like the visionary text that it is (just too bad about the whole ‘being an Oilers fan’ thing).” – Conor McCreery (Kill Shakespeare)

“The best way to describe Hockeypocalypse: Slashers is if you took every sports comedy ever written, threw them into a vat of toxic waste, nuked it, and assembled the ashes into a masterfully crafted comic. Jokes, violence, and high sticking, it has it all.” – Fred Kennedy (Dead Romans, The Fourth Planet, Shelter Division)

“Hockeypocalypse is a super fun hockey fantasy, full of charming mutants and Canadiana. Jeff Martin’s clean, solid inks deliver both the action and the jokes perfectly.” – Fiona Staples (Saga)

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