Rebirth of the Gangster: The Complete Collection

In this complete collection of the four-volume series, Marcus Thompson and Hunter Anderson have always been in the dark when it comes to their parents’ past.

But now they have to face the cold, hard truth as a revenge scheme targets them, their friends, and their families.

A revenge scheme that will drag their parents’ secret crimes kicking and screaming into the light, no matter the price.

Critical Praise:
“The storytelling is tense, taut, and emotionally resonant, …[Romera and Standal] excel at depicting hard lives, addiction and desperation…The conclusion proves satisfying, though new readers are advised to start with the first collection…The knockout conclusion of a smart and humane graphic novel crime series.”
―Booklife (Act 4 was a Booklife Editor’s Pick)
“A graphic novel that steals your attention from start to finish.”
―Write with Light Productions
“Standal has great range as a writer”
―Fanbase Press
“C.J. [Standal] is good at breaking down people, and situations, to where we feel for them and can even imagine ourselves in their situations.”
―Comic Booked
“Romera’s artwork reminds us of David Mazzuchelli on Batman: Year One crossed with the late and lamented Darwyn Cook, all bold but simple brushstrokes and strong shadow work giving life to each panel.”
―Pipedream Comics
“The artwork by Juan Romera did not disappoint. The scenes provide easily interpretable body language and facial expressions…Although printed in black and white, I can almost see the redness of the blood.”
―Readers’ Favorite
“Rebirth of a Gangster by CJ Standal is a book that is one part tragedy, one part redemption, and all parts gripping. It’s a dark graphic novel filled with twists, death, and intrigues, but with a surprisingly uplifting message.”
―The International Review of Books

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