Les Grimaciers

Luigi, a Neapolitan in the midst of a midlife crisis, is at a standstill. At home, he has one argument after another with his wife, who reproaches him for being a resigning father and husband, while at work, his shop that sells santons is far from flourishing. Not to mention the intimidation that the dirty men of the Camorra put small shopkeepers like him through on a daily basis.
One day, after the umpteenth bullying, Luigi puts on a Punchinello mask and goes out at night to settle his score with the small-time thugs. Galvanized by the experience, the brand-new vigilante gets back in touch with Nunzia, his high school sweetheart, now a failed actress, who is tempted by these punitive expeditions: she will play Columbine, another character from the Commedia dell’arte.
Soon, the little band in disguise is joined by a unionist boxing champion, a hot-headed ex-military man who has turned to selling paintball guns, a bodybuilder who is a bouncer in a gay club and an upright policeman who is fed up with the corruption among his colleagues.
Les Grimaciers tries to revisit the Naples of the early 90s, a city full of promises and dream which ended up burning in the flames of a much harsher reality.

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