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Posted in Barbara Perez Marquez


Epistle is a short comic about longing, writing letters, and fighting for what you believe

Posted in joe ruin / saint vagrant


198X— In seaside Port City, three desperate and struggling young trans adults stake their careers and lives on a physics-breaking machine, altering their future forever.

Posted in Ashley McCammon


A grieving young woman finds comfort in a new relationship with a mysterious, eccentric shopkeeper – who keeps a dark, vampiric secret of her own.

Posted in Jodie Troutman

The Gospel of Carol

The untold story of Carol, the daughter of God.

Posted in A.C. Esguerra

Eighty Days

In an alternate-1930s ruled by air power, a chance encounter between aloof pilot Jay and charismatic thief Fix sparks a rebellion against the aviation organization seeking to control all. Jay, his fellow pilot Sable and Fix’s letters and lives interweave in a sweeping adventure about flight, freedom and enduring love.

Posted in Reimena Yee

Alexander, the Servant & the Water of Life

The 21st century retelling of the life and legends of Alexander the Great.

Posted in Reimena Yee

The God of Arepo

A tale about a farmer who befriends a nothing god