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Posted in Ezra David Mattes

A Terrified Child Played by Jeremy Strong

Cartoonist Ezra David Mattes casts enigmatic actor Jeremy Strong to play him in a memoir comic about his childhood, and when Strong concludes his role and departs for New York City to act in Ezra’s favorite TV show, he is unable to stop being Ezra.

Posted in Jey Pawlik

Gender Slices

A webcomic turned graphic novel of one page autobio comics of my life living as a nonbinary trans person.

Posted in Mariah-Rose Marie

Cook Like Your Ancestors

An illustrated international recipe collection & comic-filled guide on how to prepare food intuitively!

Posted in Ezra David Mattes

I Dream of Tom from Succession

Ezra David Mattes reflects on a lifetime of obsession with men on television in I Dream of Tom From Succession.

Posted in Liana Kangas


A strip mall heist, a satanic cult, and another lousy shift at a minimum wage job—grab a #2 with fries and settle in for a hilarious thrill ride!

Posted in Ezra David Mattes

Primavera or How I Broke Up with My Mother

Nightmares about childhood and daydreams about Tony Soprano merge in this memoir comic by Ezra David Mattes.

Posted in riotbones


A comic about a strange family that lives out in the woods.

Posted in Jamila Rowser

Ode to Keisha

Ode to Keisha is an award-winning autobiographical comic about friendship, racism, and identity by writer Jamila Rowser and artist Trinidad Escobar.

Posted in BARBATUS

ROTTEN, or: gorehound’s retrospective

An autobio comic about repeated exposure to IRL gore in the era of web1.5’s internet.

Posted in Jam

Shenzhen Fast

How are electronics made in China? Jam travelled to Shenzhen to find out!

Posted in Nero Villagallos O'Reilly

The Poorcraft Cookbook

We’ve shown you how to live better, travel better, and now… learn how to eat better on the cheap with The Poorcraft Cookbook! This comprehensive guide features tips and tricks for vegetarian and vegan meals, cocktails, budget food shopping, kitchen equipment ideas, and loads of delightfully illustrated recipes.