Cook Like Your Ancestors

Have you ever met someone who never uses recipes, and yet makes incredible meals every time? It seems to be a magic preserved only in the hands of grandmothers, or any passionate provider. An ancient, special knowledge that takes a lifetime to perfect. But that’s not always true. You can start learning now, and you probably know far more than you think.

Inside lies an intimate, fully illustrated, and comic-filled cookbook featuring plant-based and vegetarian recipes from contributors from all over the world.

From Persian kashk-e bademjan and Icelandic skyrterta to the Mexican-Taiwanese fusion drink horchata con boba, the recipes range from traditional to transformed, reflecting the way foods— like people — migrate, mix, adapt, and are remembered. This book was created with international and financial accessibility in mind, and the hope that readers will find appreciation for the people and flavors of our shared world. It also serves as a guide and introduction to intuitive food preparation — meaning less reliance on teaspoons, grams, degrees, and exact cook times — and more on the way humans have cooked forever: by tasting, watching, smelling, listening, and feeling.

When I say COOK LIKE YOUR ANCESTORS, this is what I mean.

Softcover with foil accents; 10″ x 10″; 96 full-color pages
ISBN: 979-8-88620-030-0

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