Gender Slices

Gender Slices is a collection of short autobiographical comics about being trans and nonbinary in a ciscentric world. Jey works through a their own feelings in short, one page comics that depict real events and their day to day experiences while being out as a trans individual.

“Jey’s work is powerful, beautiful, and very funny! They manage to be completely unique, but totally relatable at the same time! This book broke my heart, made me laugh, and made me a better person.” – Tory Woollcott, Science Comics: The Brain

“Gender and identity can be overwhelming and complicated, but it’s validating and comforting to follow Jey’s slice-of-life journey as they search for a place outside the binary to call home.” – SfĂ© R. Monster, The Beyond Anthology

“Short, sweet, and very relatable diary comics about being nonbinary.” – Mel Gillman, As The Crow Flies

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