Ode to Keisha

Ode to Keisha is an autobiographical comic about friendship, racism, and identity. In this 18-page comic, Jamila Rowser recounts her Kindergarten friendship with Keisha, and why this bond was fundamental in shaping her concept of sisterhood. Trinidad Escobar’s beautiful black and white illustrations tenderly convey how racism and shared culture impacted the budding friendship between these two 5-year-old Black girls living in The Netherlands.

“Concluding with a joyous coda that is replete in layered meanings, Ode to Keisha combines explorations on identity with reflections on the ingrained nature of societal oppression, alongside a tribute to the friends who have had the profoundest influences on our lives.” – Andy Oliver, https://www.brokenfrontier.com/ode-to-keisha-jamila-rowser-trinidad-escobar/

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