The Magic Necklace

The Magic Necklace is an ADULT ONLY (18+) horny horror romance story about sexual danger, desire, relying on men, and bargains we make with ourselves and others.

Ann-Rita’s lost the need to protect herself from anything, and there’s a man that she wants to spend time with.

“Just a gnarly, provocative piece of cartooning that handles sex, fear, and power with refreshing honesty.”
—Magen Cubed, Eisner-nominated writer, Southern Gothic

“It’s hot, it’s ugly, it’s weird and skittery and made me kind of uncomfortable, A+++”
—Asher Elbein, Anna O’Brien, How Ari Got Religion

“The Magic Necklace is a 40-ish pager that embraces the unique qualities of the form to present an eerie parable replete with social commentary in its horror-romance trappings.”
—Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

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