Infernal Relations

Gregor the Fiendish: He-who-enrage-the-unworthy, Direct Enragement Assistant, Incomprehensible of tongue, Scribe of Eternal Pain (He/Him) meets Theo, the Angelic Ambassador in the lift running between the floors of Incorp.

Heaven and hell may have merged companies but there’s still a lot of culture that’s different. Gregor barely escapes their encounter without offending one of the soft, over-sensitive angels, but was he wrong in thinking that the all-seeing higher-up was… flirting with him?

Gregor is trying very hard to be bad, hell it’s in his job description, but even the underworld has rules you shouldn’t cross. But meeting up with Theo feels wrong in a way that’s never felt so good…

Tags: Big shy demon boy, trans masc angel who puts the all-powerful back into power bottom, pining, miscommunication, terrible puns

Suitable for 13+ on main archive with nsfw pages on patreon.

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