March News 001

Hello comics makers and readers! Thanks for helping spread the word about the Cooperative, we had a wonderful launch day this weekend and a huge influx of members and volunteers! We’re so excited to grow the co-op with all of you. Now onto March events!

The 2023 Minicomic Awards Virtual Ceremony

March 2nd at 5PM PST

    The Minicomic Awards is an annual virtual showcase that spotlights the unique, challenging, yet under-recognized work in this short form medium and is hosted by Leslie Hung and Sloane Leong. Winners will be selected by Leslie Hung, Sloane Leong, and our guest judges, Yuko Ota and Ananth Hirsh!

    The categories are: autobio/nonfiction, horror, scifi, fantasy, and romance. This year our prize pool is a whopping $5,000 meaning each winner will receive $1,000. This is all thanks to our generous sponsors Shing Yin Khor, Erica Schultz, Steve Lieber, an anonymous donor, Bulgilhan Press, Tommy Rodricks & Leslie Hung, Emily Carroll, Kris Mukai, Jam, Andrea from White Squirrel, Yuko Ota & Anath Hirsh, Silver Sprocket, Sloane Leong, and David Brothers. Winners with print editions of their minicomic will also be featured at Wakeup Comics in Nashville, TN.

    For more information, check out:

    Emerald City Comic Con

    Thu, Mar 2, 2023 – Sun, Mar 5, 2023

      Emerald City Comic Con is the destination comic and pop culture show for the Pacific Northwest. Co-op members tabling at the show:

      Nero Villagallos O’Reilly – Table i-04
      Evan Dahm – Booth 20502
      Ren Strapp – Table M-07
      Zeno – Table J-21

      Mimosa: Virtual Author Talk with Archie Bongiovanni

      Tuesday, March 14 at 7PM EST

      Join award-winning, bestselling comic creator Archie Bongiovanni (A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns, Grease Bats) and their latest original graphic novel, Mimosa, as they discuss the need for found family, messy queer relationships, and how growing older can seemingly throw everything out of whack. This event will be moderated by writer, organizer, and interdisciplinary artist, Joan Zahra Dark.

      There will be ASL interpretation & automated captions provided at this event.

      New York Comics & Picture-story Symposium

      Ongoing, click for full schedule

        A weekly symposium for artist/writers working in various text-image forms: comics, picture-stories, animation, etc. at which to present and critique current work.  The symposium will examine new ideas for the distribution of print and electronic work that move beyond the existing models of  publishing and advertising. We will re-examine the relationship between readers and autographic writers. Emphasis will be placed on self-initiated work and the development of a self-sustaining economic model for such work.  The symposium will offer an ongoing place to learn and think about the traditions and future of text-image work.

        Cartoonists Against COVID

        Ongoing resource

        The Cartoonists Against COVID Association is a collective database created by Joan Zahra Dark aiming to rallying people in comics who are not content with calling the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic over with a still increasing death toll and structural abandonment by state and federal institutions.