The 2024 Minicomic Award Nominees Are…

Art by A.C. Esguerra

The Minicomic Awards is an annual virtual showcase founded by cartoonists Leslie Hung and Sloane Leong that spotlights the unique, challenging, and under-recognized work in this short form medium. For most cartoonists, minicomics are the form in which they begin to develop their storytelling skills and also the place they return to experiment and push their techniques, voices, and the medium further. Their accessibility also means we get a bounty of incredibly unique work across a wide range of genres and from a variety of marginalized perspectives. The Cartoonist Cooperative is excited to continue spotlighting groundbreaking, under-the-radar work and hopefully encourage more people to make minicomics!

The judges for the 2024 Minicomic Awards are Taylor Robin, Son M, and Victoria Ying! And the nominees are:






Join us for the LIVE virtual award ceremony March 14 at 3pm PST on the Co-op Youtube channel!