Taylor and Friends

Taylor and Friends: Taylor is filled with big feelings that don’t always fit snugly in the modern adult society. Luckily, Taylor has the help of friends, new and old, like Loach, Cassie, Spruce and more to help them along the way. 

[NEW] Taylor’s Egg:

The story follows Taylor Sitwell, a non-binary individual belonging to a species called Duckles, as they navigate unexpectedly laying their first egg. Taylor finds out the pitfalls to parenthood can be deeper and darker than ever expected. Meeting at the intersection of reproductive health, queerness, support systems, and the unfortunate realities of pregnancy that most people don’t discuss—Taylor’s Egg uses a world of fiction and non-human characters to tell a very human story. Taylor’s Egg is a 54 page comic

Comes with bonus mini story: Loach’s Grudge. When Loach’s sister comes to town he must confront his unresolved resentment. Loach’s Grudge is a 9 page comic.

Taylor’s Egg and Loach’s Grudge are intended for readers 18+ because of adult themes and langue.

Buy it here: https://ko-fi.com/s/e80f5abca8

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