The Second Circus

For generations, Katya’s family has owned and operated the Moondrop Carnival, an old-school traveling circus. Katya, like her ancestors, has a secret: the ability to travel between their world and another, a magical fey realm home to the Second Circus. For years the two circuses have existed in harmony, but now Katya’s mother—who does not believe the Second Circus exists—wishes to sell the Carnival and settle down in time for Katya to attend high school.

The Second Circus is a coming-of-age story about parents and children and the baggage that can unwittingly be conveyed from one generation to the next. It is also a story about magic and wonder and a rebuttal of the idea that growing up has to mean leaving these things behind.

The Second Circus will ultimately be a three-volume series. This is the first volume. The second will be available in 2024. 

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