Vattu is an expansive anthropological fantasy story about imperialism and identity. It was published online from 2010 to 2022.
Vattu: the Name & the Mark: Vattu, a girl from a nomadic society, is abducted by the conquering empire of Sahta.
Vattu: the Sword & the Sacrament: Vattu finds her way through a new world of zealous conquerors and mysterious chemist-priestesses.
Vattu: the Tower & the Shadow: Vattu comes to the Imperial Tower of Sahta, as a cunning stranger makes landfall in the slums of the amphibious Grish.
Vattu: the River. An assassin is imprisoned, an Enclave separates, and a new dynasty makes its way towards the Imperial Tower of Sahta.

Winner of an Ignatz Award for Best Online Comic.
Dahm has built a sprawling and well-crafted geopolitical fantasy populated by a complex cast that carries the emotional core of the story through imperialistic tribulations. Vattu is gripping, a beautifully conceived comic and a necessary read. – Sloane Leong

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