Dead City

Trapped in a hostile city full of danger, can two men overcome their differences and stay alive? How will their feelings develop when all they can rely on is each other?

A zombie apocalypse has hit Toronto and Mikael and JP are alone in the city and struggling to survive. While they’re searching for food and shelter they fine something else as well.

A heartwarming romance about two very different men learning to work together. As their time together grows so do their feelings in this slow-burn, slice-of-life comic that flips the common apocalypse story on its head.

“Jey and Michelle have taken an otherwise bleak apocalyptic setting and injected it with all the love and heard you’ve come to expect from their brilliant work under Topaz Comics. Dead City feels like a warm hug on a cold day, and its upbeat spirit will keep you coming back to read again and again.” – Lacey Brannen, Lies Within

“Dead City revitalizes the zombie-apocalypse story by choosing the most zoomed-in view: the bond between two ordinary people, how it’s formed and tested, when surrounded by a world in chaos.” – EK Weaver, Shot & Chaser, The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ & Amal

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