Please Please Forget Me

In the dilapidated little seaside town of Shoreline, three juvenile delinquents struggle to survive in a world where whoever has the strongest fist reigns supreme. Laid-back Moss, heavy-hitter Rain and the bookish Guppy are childhood best friends whose destinies are controlled by poverty and circumstance. When the group dynamic begins to fracture as Rain and Moss are pulled into The Gold Vultures, a local biker gang, Guppy is forced down a different, even darker path. 
Years later, in the rainy streets of Jackdaw City, the three friends unexpectedly meet again, under very different circumstances. The once shy and meek Guppy has inherited wealth and power, and the once ferocious Gold Vultures have fallen into debt and despair. When their roles are reversed, memories of the past continuously haunt the friends, bringing into question everyone’s motivations, intentions and desires. 
PLEASE PLEASE FORGET ME is a highly episodic neo-noir series aimed at teens to adults, for fans of 80’s bancho manga, yakuza BL, Adult Swim, 70’s gang cinema, classic greaser melodrama and the LGBTQ+ romance genre.
Volume 1: RAIN’S BOOK: covering the events of the past
Volume 2: GUPPY’S BOOK: covering events of the present
Volume 3: MOSS’ BOOK: covering the crescendo and conclusion
Bryan Lee O’Malley’s 2020 favorite comic artist recommendation

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