June News 2024

Here’s a roundup of what we’ve been working on at the Cartoonist Co-op–a collection of comics, zines, webcomics, and crowdfunding, plus all new articles, news and features. 

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Let’s dive into it!

Featured Comics For Purchase From Our Members


By Bells White

An angel falls into the city and lands out of place in the orbit of a charismatic local punk singer. Caught between worship and love, he must learn how to be happy under a heavy destiny and the responsibility of a halo.


By Adam Green

AKA Punky Snuffler Gets Cancelled is a 26 page black and white gay erotic mini comic about degradation fantasies from 2019. Dive in and experience post nut regret.

CW: assault imagery, explicit adult content



By Jey Pawlik

Gender Slices is a collection of short autobiographical comics about being trans and nonbinary in a ciscentric world. Jey works through their own feelings in short, one page comics that depict real events and their day to day experiences while being out as a trans individual.



by Asmodeus

Training to become an exorcist is a difficult enough, but when your new belligerent demon partner seems more interested in wrecking the bed with you than performing exorcisms, suddenly life as you know it gets a whole lot more complicated. Throw in a powerful demon hellbent on revenge, an endless parade of monsters from the underworld, a whole lot of baggage from his past, and you’ve got all the ingredients for the storm of the century, headed directly for the Exorcism Academy.

This webcomic is for an 18+ adult audience only and features explicit sexual content, violence, and other mature themes.


By Indiana-Jonas

Space Deer is a comic strip about a small deer in a messed up universe with no destination. Very inspired by Calvin & Hobbes, Peanuts and Dragon Ball.


By Cyrus Venisonghost

His body was fused with that of the Demon Lord Mothrum in an attempted possession, but he was kept human in spirit by his love for the beautiful Angelita. Now, the half human, half demon moth Cold Cuts fights the invading demon army under the alias of Mothboy!



By H. Carlian

The extremely popular digital art book is making it to print! A full color softcover collection of a variety of birds, pride flags, and birds holding pride flags on glossy paper. From rock doves to kestrels to nightjars, there’s lots of queer birds here!

Cartoonist Cooperative “Buy an E-Sim for Gaza” Donation Drive

E-Sims for Gaza

As you may know, Palestinians in Gaza are being subjected to internet and communications blackouts as part of the ongoing siege by Israel. Members of the Cartoonist Co-op are getting involved in a new way to combat this violence by offering art in exchange for those who donate e-SIMs to Palestinians through the Connecting Gaza Campaign.

This campaign has been running since early November, but we want to make sure that everyone who’s interested in our activities is kept up to date. Click here to see how you can contribute to these efforts!