Cartoonist Cooperative ‘Buy an E-Sim for Gaza’ Donation Drive

Featured Art by Juan Gee | @JuanGeeDraws

Hi, Cartoonist Cooperative Journal readers!

As you may know, Palestinians in Gaza are being subjected to internet and communications blackouts as part of the ongoing siege by Israel. Members of the Cartoonist Co-op are getting involved in a new way to combat this violence by offering art in exchange for those who donate e-SIMs to Palestinians through the Connecting Gaza Campaign.

This campaign has been running since early November, but we want to make sure that everyone who’s interested in our activities is kept up to date. Read on to see how you can contribute to these efforts!

What is it?

The Connecting Gaza campaign supplies e-SIMs to people on the ground in Gaza, allowing them to circumvent internet disruption/blackout during the siege and continue connecting with the wider internet.

A digital SIM card (called an e-SIMs) works the same as a physical SIM Card, providing data and SMS for a phone number. E-SIMs are one of few resources that can be directly accessed without blockage by people on the ground in Gaza.

Artists from the Cooperative will be offering art in exchange of the value of the donated e-SIMs. 

Click here to learn more or read the following info!

How Does It Work?

Step 1 

You purchase the e-SIM card and plan of your choice through one of the three providers (keep an eye on our social media and this post in case this list updates):

Purchase any of the e-SIM plans from

Step 2 

Donate the QR code to

Step 3 

Redeem your art and spread the word! Share your donation and the campaign far and wide!

Check out some of our artists’ offerings, and keep checking as the list continues to grow!


We’re here to help! Here’s some information to help you navigate the process.

What’s An e-SIM?

Why e-SIMs?

Which Plan Should I Buy? Which Is The Best Service?

How Do I Donate The e-SIM Card?

How Do I Redeem My Art?

How Do I Contact An Artist?

I’m An Artist- How Can I Help?

How Long Will This Campaign Last?

Art by Tess Reid | @TessReid 

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