March News 2024, Second Edition

Here’s a roundup of what we’ve been working on at the Cartoonist Co-op–a collection of comics, zines, webcomics, and crowdfunding, plus all new articles, news and features. 

We’re going to try and issue these more frequently starting this month, with shorter newsletters and a tighter focus.

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Let’s dive into it!

Cartoonist Cooperative “Buy an E-Sim for Gaza” Donation Drive

As you may know, Palestinians in Gaza are being subjected to internet and communications blackouts as part of the ongoing siege by Israel. Members of the Cartoonist Co-op are getting involved in a new way to combat this violence by offering art in exchange for those who donate e-SIMs to Palestinians through the Connecting Gaza Campaign.

This campaign has been running since early November, but we want to make sure that everyone who’s interested in our activities is kept up to date. Click here to see how you can contribute to these efforts!

Featured Comics For Purchase From Our Members


By Marlene Santos.

Bunny isn’t doing very well.

A gag-a-day style mini comic about mental illness. (28 page PDF)

CW: Mental health topics, portrayals and mentions of intrusive thoughts that may come off as uncomfortable.

The physical edition is also available for pre-order here!


By Alexis. 

A direct continuation from BUTCHVERSE. One longer essay adapted and expanded from Yuri Zine, and a 20 page comic of Daredevil and The Punisher doing dudebro lesbian things. As well as additional behind-the-scenes progress pieces and additional related drawings I’ve done since the last release. And a puzzle 😀

Still friendly enough to those unfamiliar with Marvel characters or gender theory.


Print version will be available after 4/24.



Mythic Chronicles is a comic anthology project based on the theme of mythical creatures. Faun Over Comics (an 8 student comic collective) will be making 2 A5 anthologies, each featuring 4, standalone 12-page comics about a different mythical creature. 

This Kickstarter is to help us fund the print costs and share the comic with a wider audience. We will also be selling copies (along with some accompanying merch) at MCM London 2024 (May 24-26). 

If you want to keep track of our progress, we will be posting regular updates to our
Instagram: @faunovercomics.


Written and drawn by Vannotes, THE OBSIDIAN SICKLE: THE BROADSHEET ADVENTURE is a NEW comic about a rogue blood elf with no allegiances! Perfect for fans of swords and sandals adventures, the Vault Comic hit Barbaric, and even Adventure Time fans looking for a gritty twist, this comic will be printed in newspaper broadsheet size, the perfect size for a fantasy adventure comic to be.

It used to be that all adventure comics in the United States were printed at a large size so that the reader could enjoy the art and adventure as an immersive experience. Reading comics so large is fun in the way seeing a movie in theaters can be so much more fun than at home on our TVs, laptops, iPads, or phones.

The Obsidian Sickle takes place on The Gravestone, a forsaken city of thieves and scoundrels that was so depraved it sunk into the earth. Across eight giant sized pages, you’ll meet our mysterious assassin protagonist as he confronts the warlocks, vampires, and ancient gods who want him destroyed.



Graced by Gold is an unofficial, non-profit, for-charity Elden Ring fanzine focused on the many unique Tarnished OCs that roam the Lands Between.

Now open for applications from Artists until April 1st!

We encourage artists of all styles to participate! Some things we will be looking for in portfolios are compositionstyle and your use of the full canvas

-Please have your portfolio links working, as any broken links will not be considered!

-NSFW portfolios are accepted, however please state that it is so along with the link.

-Traditional artwork is accepted, provided that photos/scans of it are of good quality (not grainy, blurry or with poor or uneven lighting).

-Try and have a few pieces depicting full body characters and at least one example with a background that is not a flat color, gradient, or pattern, as portraits and standalone figures will not be included in the zine works.

-Try and have at least 5+ finished works in your portfolio! It is easier for the mods to know what they can expect from your work.

Portfolios will not be considered if:

– There are broken links

– Unfinished work (sketches, WIPs)

– Any usage of AI in any capacity

– Stolen, copied or plagiarized work

Page Artists’ contributions will be a single (vertical) page of art with an implied or full background, showcasing your Tarnished. You will also be required to write a small (2-3 sentences) anecdote about your Tarnished, which will be featured on the same page. This is like a small bio, to introduce your Tarnished to the readers! We have not solidified a proper template for this yet, however please be mindful that a small part of your art may be covered.