May News 001

Please enjoy our roundup of news, events, and opportunities for May 2023!


The Zat: It’s Seatown by Zeno Zaat is now available to purchase here! Read the solicit below.

The Fish Police’s most resourceful and dedicated manhunter, Inspector Mancuso, hits the briny streets of the mysterious and dangerous Seatown to unravel a case he believes will lead him to capture the object of his career-long obsession: The Zat. 

Preorders for Cook Like Your Ancestors: An Illustrated Guide to Intuitive Cooking With Recipes From Around the World by Mariah-Rose Marie are now available here! Read the solicit below.

A fully illustrated guide to intuitive cooking! This art and comic-filled cookbook includes a primer on tools, ingredients, and using your own five senses to make delicious food, as well as twenty vegetarian recipes from worldwide cuisines.

Inside this approachable, illustrated cookbook is an introduction to intuitive food preparation! Relying less on teaspoons, grams, degrees, and exact cook times, intuitive cooking reflects the way humans have cooked food for ages: by tasting, watching, smelling, listening, feeling, and remembering. Follow along with home cook Mariah-Rose Marie to learn how to measure with your hands, season with your senses, balance flavors on the fly, remember ratios, and more—all with minimal equipment. While exact recipes can seem less intimidating to a new cook, they can be regionally unreliable or overly rigid. With the foundational skills of intuitive cooking, you’ll be better equipped to improvise, get inventive, and tailor recipes to your own personal taste, just like a grandma would!

You can practice your new knowledge with the twenty delicious, vegetarian recipes found inside, including snacks, main dishes, drinks, and desserts! From Indonesian asinan bogor and Cambodian samla curry to the Mexican-Taiwanese fusion drink horchata con boba, author Mariah-Rose Marie collects recipes from family, friends, and contributors throughout the globe. The recipes range from traditional to transformed, reflecting the way foods—like people —migrate, mix, adapt, and are remembered.  This book was created with international and financial accessibility in mind, and the hope that readers will find appreciation for the people and flavors of our shared world.

So grab your trusty cast iron skillet, and get cooking!

Disorder 3/3 by Erika Price is now available here! Read the solicit below.

The final volume of my experimental body horror series, Disorder. Collecting chapters 11-15.

Disorder is a series of body horror comics exploring dysphoria, self destruction, self creation and the terror of living in a world built around the breaking of bodies that are different.

Quindrie Press: the 2023 comic collection, four more brand new comics from some of Scotland’s most exciting indie creators, is Kickstarting soon! Get notified when the campaign launches here.


The Ringo Awards are now open for nominations! More information can be found here.

The Dream Foundry has two contests open for submission: the Emerging Writers Contest and the Emerging Artists Contest.

Brown Recluse Zine Distro is open for physical submissions by QTBIPOC creators. Submit your zines here.

Discord Comics is seeking submissions from artists, writers and teams for 11-21 page long erotic comics ready for their anthology Succulent launching on Kickstarter in Spring 2024. See the submissions guidelines here.

Emerald Comics Distro is now open for submissions here.

Wildstar Press is open for submissions until June 24. See the submission guidelines here.

Fieldmouse Press is open for submissions. See the submission guidelines here.

Iron Circus Comics’ next anthology, Perfect Crime Party, will be open for submissions from May 8-31. See the submission guidelines here.

Member Accolades

Claire Napier’s The Magic Necklace was recently featured in Magen Cubed’s newsletter entry Navigating the Fearful Romantique.