Meeting Comics

Meeting Comics is about a bunch of people, all of whom are messed up somehow, and most of whom are fundamentally decent, and how they make it through life while trying (and frequently failing) not to step on each others’ toes. It’s also a fun way to watch a creator figure out what he’s doing over time and build a series starting from absolutely nothing. If watching a bunch of hastily scribbled gags about work gradually refashion themselves into a hilarious, horny soap opera sounds like your idea of a good time, then Meeting Comics is for you.

“…MEETING COMICS is the kind of thing a person can check out an issue or two of at their leisure, pick it up again a couple days (or even WEEKS) later, and be drawn back in like there was no interruption. You know, kind of like how it goes when you see old friends again.”
– Ryan Carey, Four Color Apocalypse

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