Tin Foil Head

Written by Jarne Van Vooren

Drawn by Zach Hazard Vaupen

Meet Larry Pitts, the thrust-worthy host of the independent journalistic site NewsReal. Contrary to popular belief, Larry is not the conspiracy theorist everyone makes him out to be, nosirree! That’s only what the global cultural Marxists want you to think. Today, Larry has left his comfy studio to interview the citizens of the quiet town Portsburgh to see if they are aware of the secret wars going on behind their backs. You know, the secret wars by the commulist elite cabals who threaten the very foundation of the United States themselves. Thankfully, America has nothing to fear, now that Larry Pitts is on the case. We can all be in safe hands with Pitts, right?

… Right?

A 10-page comic about crackpot conspiracy theorists

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