Ploughman is an Irish Fantasy Noir Comic. 46 pages following the tale of an outlander who has mysteriously crash landed in the Irish countryside.
Agent 5 only has four days left to signal his homeland of Hy-Brasil for rescue, if he can’t he’ll be trapped in Ireland forever.
With the help of Fae Folk and a band of locals, Agent 5 desperately tries to find the emergency signaller he lost in the crash. But not everyone he asks for help is his friend and not everyone he deems an enemy is against him.

Written by Aaron Losty & JP Jordan
Art by Aaron Losty
Colours by JP Jordan
Letters by Becca Carey

“A post-apocalyptic spin on Casanova filtered through the experimental visuals of Shaky Kane and Mike Mignola, PLOUGHMAN is an audacious, avant-garde romp that shouldn’t be missed.”
David Pepose (Savage Avengers, Fantastic Four)

“Ploughman is what happens when you feed The Prisoner, The Quiet Man, and 100 gallons of A-Grade Awesome into the Indie Comics Masterpiece Maker: you get something brilliant and beautiful.”
Ryan K Lindsay (Eternal, Deer Editor)

“Ploughman is so singular that I want to crawl inside it and explore the rest of this strange, brutal world for days. Weaving together different genres into a moody, brutal ride that ends far too soon, Jordan and Losty have crafted a small epic where crumpled cigarettes and torn open tin cans sit easily beside fairies, spaceships and lost golden artefacts. It’s everything I want from comics and more.”
Christopher Sebela (Blink, Foulbrood)

“Bloody charming. ‘Ploughman’ is an inventive, earnest reminder of what makes comics so great.”
Tate Brombal (Behold, Behemoth, Barbalien: Red Planet)

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