Take Me to the Place I Love

A thirty page story about winning the game of Desire—Seraphine is happy to receive a sign of commitment from her lover, and when that commitment is tested by night’s demonic gondoliers, on the Streams of Dreams, it seems she was right to be so. But can True Love turn false? And if it does, where can she go to seek solace? Includes adult content!

From Douglas Nobles’s A Pocket Chiller imprint.

“[…A]bsolutely wonderful. It was a delightful story (drowning of exes and all),” —Tyler Button of Tapestry Comics
“This was very chilling, btw, extremely creepy […] the sex was really spot on” —zinemaker starlit__void
“Proper good, proper spooky oneiromancy from friend Claire Napier. Highly, highly recommended.” —Alex Paknadel

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