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Eye Hand Voice

The Peril Patrol protects its citizens from threats beyond imagination. The Peril Patrol, comprised of Eye!—a floating flaming eye, Hand!—a smoldering disembodied hand with an attidude, and Voice! —an ex-cop in an invisible suit.
Learn! the secrets of Sparta City—lost in time and space. See! the eldritch horrors gathering strength. Fear! A world where the only ones to protect you from the monsters are the monsters you know. The Peril Patrol!!

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Centralia 2050

A girl named Midori wakes up lost admist the hi-tech metropolis of Centralia; without memories, her only connection to this place is a psychic link to a missing child…

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Yokoka’s Quest

Twins Yokoka and Mao set out into an adventure in a bright, colourful fantasy world in hopes to explore the world, find themselves and heal from childhood trauma.

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Infernal Relations

An otherworldly office romance about a Desk Demon called Gregor and the Angelic Ambassador who keeps flirting with him.

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Sir, Butler, & Boy

AKA gay butt-lers, a series of powerplay scenes between a historical gay triad with each chapter exploring a different kink or scenario.

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Keeping Time

Years after an unspeakable tragedy, two former friends cross paths, start a band, and – against everyone’s better judgement – fall in love.

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Exorcism Academy

Ethan, a cadet exorcist, finds himself being seduced by his demon partner Al, but their unexpected romance is destined for darkness when human and demon worlds collide!

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The Prince & The Frog

In the fantastical era of Rococo France, a noble finds himself entangled in a magical queer retelling of The Frog Prince in this richly illustrated 26-page comic.

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The Fox Who Became A Girl

Within this storybook, you will find a fable of love and of longing…a fable for anyone who has ever wished to be changed.

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Snapdragon is light hearted slice of life story about finding balance, passion, love, and one’s true self, set against the backdrop of professional wrestling.

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1 small quiet somewhere

A centaur-like Buddhist monk and a hamster-like creature take care of a retreat, and each other.

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Pnuema Vita

A post-apocalyptic comic about love.

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The Dark Peak Incident

A poorly-prepared group of hikers sets out to be the first to ascend a mysterious and dangerous mountain.

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Party Animals

Party Animals combines a spooky style with a queer romance, throws it all into a horrifying high school house party, and blends it all together into one chaotic comic!

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Arnold Kai, a man with a shady past as a scam artist, has to relive the events, harsh relationships, and the consequences that led to his death with the help of an existential guide through Wait Space, all while being followed by an alternate version of himself.

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Bun Head

A gag-a-day style mini comic about mental illness.

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Rebirth of the Gangster: The Complete Collection

Marcus Thompson and Hunter Anderson have always been in the dark when it comes to their parents’ past, but now they have to face the cold, hard truth as a revenge scheme targets them, their friends, and their families.

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A deep dive into the birth (and death) of the modern UFO mythology which began in the Salish Sea, seen through a kaleidoscope of colonial ecology and guerilla warfare.

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Batcat: The Ghostly Guest

A ghost has moved into Batcat’s treehouse, and they have to fly all over Spooky Isle in order to find a spell to get rid of their unwelcome guest!

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Batcat: Sink or Swim

Non-binary Batcat is back, this time trying to save Spooky Isle from an underwater scourge that’s terrifying the native skeleton mermaids.