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Posted in Ashley McCammon


A grieving young woman finds comfort in a new relationship with a mysterious, eccentric shopkeeper – who keeps a dark, vampiric secret of her own.

Posted in Tal Brosh (Tuli)

Flat Filters

The debut short graphic novel by Tal Brosh and Chino Moya tells the story of a thirty-something year old who wakes up one morning, looks through the window of his apartment and discovers that the world has gone.

Posted in Tal Brosh (Tuli)

Trigger Shot

An abstract short graphic novel following a woman’s journey through infertility.

Posted in house of xyz

Les Grimaciers

Commedia dell’arte inspired vigilantes fight against Camorra and dirty politics in a early 90s Naples.

Posted in Maiji/Mary Huang

Tusita’s Last Tenant

A small child meets a familiar stranger in one of the heavenly Buddhist realms.

Posted in Jodie Troutman

The Gospel of Carol

The untold story of Carol, the daughter of God.

Posted in Toby Boyd

Clover & Cutlass

A burnt-out cleric forms an unlikely alliance (and maybe more…!) with the daughter of the evil wizard she’s trying to defeat.

Posted in Steven Ingram

Old Man Grey

A 60s set folk horror about a musician lost in the wilderness.

Posted in CJ Standal

Rebirth of the Gangster

Marcus Thompson and Hunter Anderson don’t know the dark secrets of their families, but they’re about to find out as they become embroiled in a revenge scheme stemming from their parents’ past actions, including decades-old unsolved murders.

Posted in Pigeon


This surreal modern folk tale, inspired by Slavic mythology, tells the story of a water demon Rusalka and her journey of self-discovery.

Posted in Steven Ingram


A slice-of-life story about Holly, a tennage girl who wants to leave her remote Scottish island.

Posted in Kaeti Vandorn

Call of the Sentinel

Two little monsters go on everyday adventures

Posted in Brendan Albetski

Maru Kiru Destroy the Moon

Hell-bent on revenge, a ferocious barbarian warrior smashes her way through a sea of foes on her way to blow up the moon.

Posted in Kaeti Vandorn

Happy Gnome Year

A little gnome has an adventure on New Year’s Eve.

Posted in Kaeti Vandorn

Monster Friends

Two monsters with opposite personalities forge an unlikely friendship

Posted in Kaeti Vandorn


A pumpkin girl loses her head on Halloween.

Posted in Elaine M. Will

The Last Band On Earth

A fledgling noise rock band called The Dead Layaways wants to go on tour, but unfortunately they’re trapped in an awful semi-post-apocalyptic city ruled by demons who refuse to let them leave.

Posted in Elaine M. Will

Look Straight Ahead

The story of a teenage boy’s struggle with depression and psychosis, loosely drawn from the author’s own experiences.

Posted in Kaeti Vandorn

Crabapple Trouble

An apple girl struggles with confidence and anxiety

Posted in Amanda J Ellis

Taylor and Friends

Taylor and Friends is a slice of life series of comic strips and short stories that center around Taylor Sitwell, a non-binary, young adult.